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805 Hive is a Simi Valley California Travel, Club, AAU Basketball Team Serving the Conejo Valley

805 Hive is currently taking a break! We're not sure when we will get back at it. If you are looking for a boys club team in Simi contact Hardwork Basketball, for a girls club team contact the Conejo Quakes, for Moorpark boys contact the Moorpark Mavericks.


805 Hive is a Simi Valley California Travel, Club, AAU Basketball Team

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Welcome to "The Hive"
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Welcome to the 805 Hive web site. Select your grade level above to go to your individual team page. Don't forget to read the player and parent expectations below. Thanks for your support!

If you haven't already done so please open, print and return the registration form below if your child is currently on one of the teams.

Congratulations to 805Hive for taking second place the 2014 Conejo Quakes Memorial Day Tournament

2012 Champions


805 Hive First Place RibbonConejo Quakes 2nd Annual Fall Classic - 13u
October 23 & 24 2010@ Moorpark High School

Nice, Hard Work this weekend!

805Hive - 86 Moorpark Ravens 21
805Hive - 45 Santa Barbara Ravens 34
805Hive - 43 Ventura Heat - 51 Championship Game

Valley League 2010 - 14/15 Under Division

805 Hive First Place Ribbon805 Hive First Place Ribbon13/14/15 under - Won 6 Lost 1 (Took Second Place in League and Won the Weekend Shootout)

Nice Job in the spring Valley League Guys!

805 Hive 40 Jaguars 26
805 Hive 48 SF Wolves 33
805 Hive 48 Terminators 32
805 Hive 41 Playmakers 52
805 Hive 48 Northridge Knights 31
805 Hive 54 SF Jaguars 48
805 Hive 75 Terminators 51

805 Hive First Place RibbonImpact League 2010 - 14Under Division
Congratulations on taking 2nd Place Place W-6 L-5

Nice job making it to the championship game and almost pulling it out after a slow start. I am very proud of what you young men do everyday. Stay focused and keep working hard!

805 Hive - 2009 - 2010 Impact Winter League
805 Hive 18 Valley Thunder Black 44
805 Hive 24 SV Cagers 61
805 Hive 19 ABA Hoop Raiders 37
805 Hive 32 High Hoops 55
805 Hive 49 Jaguars 9
805 Hive 49 SCV Hoopsters 38
805 Hive 48 Courtside Hoops 42
805 Hive 50 Falcons 31
805 Hive 46 Bear Cats 24
805 Hive 61 Impact Storm 26
805 Hive - Championship 53 ABA Hoop Raiders 65
805 Hive 2009

805 Hive First Place RibbonCoastal Warriors League 2009 7th & 8th Grade
Congratulations on taking 1st place in league 8-0

I want to congratulate you young men on a great spring league. You had a combined record of 18-3 and you went on a 17-0 run, excellent job. I am very proud of what you young men have accomplished and look forward to watching you continue to grow both on and off the court. Stay focused on academics and excel in your studies!


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About Coach P

Player Expectations

The Four Golden Rules

Be there
- Keep your priorities in order.
- Communication and commitment are the keys.

Be on Time
- Punctuality shows your commitment and dependability.

Give 100% effort
- You owe it to yourself and your teammates to make the team better.

Respect the program
- Positive attitude towards learning and criticism.
- Support and encourage teammates/display your commitment to them.
- Be appreciative of your parents and coaches.
- Represent 805 Hive with class and integrity at all times.


Parents Expectations

Personal Conduct
It is imperative that we maintain a positive atmosphere and be examples to the players.

Conduct Towards Players
- Encourage all the players, including your own.
- Be positive and not negative, look for good things to comment on.
- Do Not try to coach from the stands. It only confuses the players. Leave the coaching to the coaches.

Conduct Towards Coaches
- Support the coaches wholeheartedly and enthusiastically.
- Do not gossip or make backhanded comments in the stands or elsewhere.
- If you have any concerns, address them directly with the coach at an appropriate time, place and manner.
- Right before, during, or after the games is usually not a good time.
- After practice is often a good time -- try to let the coach know ahead of time so that she/he can plan time accordingly.

Understand the Commitment
-Be aware of the amount of time and effort that the coaches, players and fellow parents have made to the program. Players are expected to be at practices and tournaments on time.

Play Time
- Since 805Hive is a club team play time will be based on numerous circumstances like team to team match ups, how a player is doing during the game, and other things. While it is the goal to try and get everyone into a game, in close games that may not always happen. Please be supportive of the team and players with a positive attitude.

Players who make the effort to reach an outrageous goal have a better chance to reach the goal than those who may possess more talent or athleticism. Hard work is a talent, and a player with an outrageous goal is more motivated to work hard, if the goal is reachable (a goal that is unreachable fails to motivate, which is why playing in the NBA is a more motivating goal for a talented high school senior than for a 10-year-old).

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